A ranking of university courses according to their degree of whiteness

Medicine and law are in fact among the most diverse

The past year has seen a number of shocking racist incidents on UK campuses. There was the discussion group from Exeter, the student radio DJ from York who called herself the n-word while she was live on the air, and the black student from Sheffield who was is made to throw a banana at Varsity.

We already know that some of the Russell Group have a problem with diversity, with grime artist Stormzy now offering scholarships to black students who want to go to Cambridge.

We have classified Russell Group units based on their White Degree, but which courses are white?

The whitest subject is veterinary science, of which 94.3% of students studying the course are white, according to the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA).

Other subjects with an above-average percentage of white students are agriculture (93%), historical and philosophical studies (87%), and physical sciences (85%).

The most diverse course is medicine, with only 63 percent of students white, followed closely by law, with only 65 percent of students white.

Here is the full whiteness ranking of each college course:

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