Acceptance of credit: What supporting documents must be provided?

About to buy the much-desired apartment or house? Meticulously compile your mortgage, to increase your chances of obtaining a credit acceptance, from one of the banks approached. Beyond the list of supporting documents , which is essentially the same for all organizations, here are some tips to follow imperatively.

What are the original documents to present?

What are the original documents to present?

PLEASE NOTE : banking establishments must consult the original documents – beyond the copy you will leave with them – in order to be able to certify their authenticity.

Personal documents to promote acceptance of credit:

  • Proof of identity
  • Proof of your family situation
  • Proof of address less than 3 months old
  • Last three pay slips
  • Last two tax notices
  • Last three account statements
  • The justification of your personal contribution
  • The documents of the other credits in progress (if this is the case)
  • The justification of all your investments (if any)

IMPORTANT : if the loan concerns a borrower and a co-borrower , these documents must be presented for 2 people.

Supporting documents related to the real estate project:

  • The signed compromise or promise to sell
  • The pre-contract (in the case of a purchase in the new)
  • The plan of the house (in the case of a construction)
  • An indication of the living space (in the case of a purchase in the old)
  • The technical diagnostic file
  • The title to the property sold to buy the new one (in the case of a bridging loan)

When should supporting documents be collected?

When should supporting documents be collected?

After having carried out real estate loan simulations, you know the envelope of your project and you can start concretely your search for a property.

At the same time, it is strongly advised to start collecting supporting documents for the preparation of your loan file.

In this way, as you approach the signing of the compromise , you can quickly get an agreement in principle from the bank. Note that the latter is only valid between 15 and 20 days, especially in periods where rates change a lot.

Thus organized, you gain in reactivity and you can then quickly submit your file and obtain its acceptance within 7 to 10 days.

Why do you have to put together so many pieces for your credit report?

Why do you have to put together so many pieces for your credit report?

Free to refuse a mortgage, the bank must be able to clearly assess your personal situation and your request , to determine if they are in adequacy. Remember that the borrower is not the only one to take a risk in establishing a loan. This is why the assembly of a file is very important, because it must be able to quickly reveal all your assets and lead to a credit acceptance.

Are you likely to benefit from subsidized credits? Do you have any guarantees? What is your financial past? The state of your wealth, your savings?

In addition, by proposing a well presented, complete file, established in all transparency and without concealing anything , you will obtain a faster response from the banks.