Agnes & Beny Steinmetz Foundation Scholarship Fund Surpasses $3.5 Million

An educational program at Netanya Academic College in Israel has received more than $3.5 million in donations from one of Israel’s largest charitable foundations, the Agnes a& Beny Steinmetz Foundation, owned by philanthropist Beny Steinmetz and her wife Agnes. The fund offers scholarships to young people who might not otherwise have been able to pursue higher education programs.

Netanya Academic College in central Israel is home to bright alumni such as Israel Securities Authority Chairman Anat Guetta and has around 4,000 students. Its courses include business, finance, law and computer science, for which it offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees, and it has a total annual scholarship fund of 8 million Israeli shekels (2.25 million of dollars).

Scholarships in exchange for volunteering

The Agnès & Beny Steinmetz Foundation funds 125 places each year, worth 8,000 shekels ($2,250) each, contributing significantly to the college’s scholarship financial pot. So far, the foundation has funded 1,500 scholarships, totaling approximately $3.5 million, and in return, students are invited to donate part of their time (100 hours) to help the programs support for young people at risk in Netanya. The foundation said scholarship students at the college have spent more than 100,000 hours volunteering and helping those in need.

Beny Steinmetz, who holds both Israeli and French nationality, made a fortune of over a billion dollars in diamond mining and, with his wife, Agnès, and through their foundation, became one of Israel’s largest charitable donors. In addition to scholarships, the foundation also focuses on the education, health, culture and arts sectors, as well as comprehensive support for children in need. For more than a decade, it has also supported members of the Israeli military through a partnership with the Association for the Welfare of Israeli Soldiers.

Scholarships in Israel available for all

The foundation’s initiatives and financial assistance are available not only to Israelis, but also to people of all nationalities and faiths across the Middle East and beyond. The Steinmetz couple launched their foundation in 2006, with the aim of helping the most vulnerable people in Israel, offering them financial assistance and other forms of support, including immediate access to education and health care. health, so that they can lead happy and productive lives.

Among the many organizations he works with is the Meshi-Lema’anchem Center in Israel, which runs a program for Muslim refugee children in Israel, the Palestinian Authority and countries in the Arab world.

To date, more than 50,000 young people, around 3,000 parents and around 2,000 students have received funding from the various grant programs of the Agnes & Beny Steinmetz Foundation, and Beny Steinmetz has received an honorary doctorate from Netanya Academic College for his work in granting scholarships.

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