Association of Retired Teachers Awards EKU Scholarship 2022 | New

Carey Holbrook

This Wednesday, October 12, the Madison County Retired Teachers Association (MCRTA) awarded its annual scholarship to a doctoral student for the first time.

The MCRTA awards $1,500 scholarships each year to a Madison County teacher at a graduate school in the Department of Education at Eastern Kentucky University (EKU).

The EKU scholarship recipient was awarded to Sonja Cole, an EKU student preparing for her Ph.D.

Cole is currently an educator in Madison County and is studying in graduate school to earn her doctorate in education from EKU.

Susan Taylor, Past President of MCRTA, said the scholarship is really important to MCRTA because the organization believes in investing in and supporting young teachers.

The event took place around noon on the ground floor of the Madison County Public Library, where the MCRTA was hosting a forum to introduce new candidates for the Kentucky Legislature in the upcoming election next month.

Kentucky Retired Teachers Association president-elect Steve Gillespie attended the legislators’ forum where he posed four questions to each of the candidates who attended the event.

The current president of the Madison County Retired Teachers Association is Judy Baugh.

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