Best Ashesi University Courses for the 2020/2021 Academic Year

If you are looking for an affordable college with a quality education, Ashesi University is a great option. It is a private, non-profit liberal arts institution located in the heart of Accra, Ghana. Ashesi University courses may be what you need to start your career.

Ashesi students at one of the lectures held at the college Photo: Vivian Kiro

Ashesi University is a Ghana-based university college renowned for being innovative and providing quality education. Since its inception in 2002, offers a wide range of courses ranging from Diploma, Postgraduate Diploma, License, Masters and Doctorate.

The university offers a wide variety of courses, most of which are marketable and environmentally friendly. However, before enrolling in this institution, it is essential that you find out about these courses and the fees that each one charges.

What courses does Ashesi University offer?

The institution offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses, masters and doctorates to local and international students. Ashesi college course requirements vary from course to course. University major in the following fields Ashesi University Undergraduate Courses:

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  • General engineering
  • Engineering computer Science
  • Electrical and electronic engineering
  • Computing
  • Business Administration-BA (BA)
  • Management Information Systems (MIS)
  • Liberal arts
  • Nursing courses

Ashesi University courses and cutoff points

The establishment has defined very strategic cut-off points according to the different colleges and faculties in which a course is located. There are four main colleges in the institution; College of Basic and Applied Sciences, Health Sciences, Humanities and Education.

College of Basic and Applied Sciences

The thresholds for this faculty are as follows:

Ashesi University courses and cutoff points
College of Basic and Applied Sciences cut points
Source: UGC

College of Health Sciences

The thresholds for this faculty are as follows:

Cut-off points for Ashesi university courses
College of Health Sciences cut
Source: UGC

College of Humanities

The thresholds for this faculty are as follows:

Ashesi University courses and cutoff points
College of Humanities cut-off points
Source: UGC

College of Education

The thresholds for this faculty are as follows:

Ashesi University courses and cutoff points
College of Education cutoff points
Source: UGC

Application and admission procedure 2020/2021

To access Ashesi University courses, you need to make sure that you are a bona fide student at the university. The good news is that both local and international students are viable for a position at the institution.

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Below are some of the requirements that you will need to fulfill for a position at the academic institution.

  • A certificate examination for upper secondary education in West Africa (WASSCE) with a minimum of C6 in the six gradable subjects
  • International Baccalaureate (IB) Certificate or IB Diploma
  • French Baccalaureate
  • IGCSE / GCE ‘O’ level with at least 3 ‘A’ level crossings graded from AD

Ashesi University Courses and Fees

The institution outlined fee structures for the various courses offered at the college. Tuition fees per semester vary depending on whether the student is a Ghanaian citizen or non-Ghanaian.

For Ghanaians

  • The tuition fee is 22,040 GHC per semester
  • Medical insurance is 1,320 GHC per year
  • Accommodation on campus costs GHC 5,170 per semester

For non-Ghanaians

  • The tuition fee is 4,007 GHC per semester
  • Medical insurance is 240 GHC per year
  • Accommodation on campus costs GHC 1,233 per semester

How to pay the tuition fees

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There are two ways that a student can pay fees at Ashesi University. Payment by direct deposit to the bank is mainly used by local students. Payment by international bank transfer is mainly used by international students.

Ashesi University scholarship requirements

The college grants equal opportunities to all students, regardless of their financial stability. For this reason, some people and guarantors of the university have joined forces with the Mastercard Foundation scholarship program.

College rewards financially unstable students with the purse. The lucky winners of these scholarships benefit from full or partial support covering their tuition fees, their books, their accommodation and their meals. The following are required for any student to apply for this scholarship:

Conditions of admission

To be eligible, you must meet the following conditions.

  • Applicants must have a West African Upper Secondary Certificate Exam (WASSCE).
  • The candidate must have obtained a minimum grade of C6 in each subject.
  • The candidate must have obtained the IGCSE (GCE O-Level) passes in subjects such as Mathematics, English and Science.
  • The candidate must have at least three “A” level diplomas (with the AD grade).

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Justificative documents

The university may also require personal essays and transcripts or report cards for at least six terms.

Language requirements

When applying for this scholarship, each candidate should ensure that they are proficient in written and spoken English.

Whether you want to take an undergraduate or postgraduate course, Ashesi University Ghana courses have you covered. The fact that the university offers a wide range of courses means that you are assured of in-depth course coverage.

Ashesi University Courses and Fees
Students walking down one of the streets of Ashesi University Photo: Brian Walter

If you are looking for a university to build your career in, don’t worry because Ashesi University is the answer. The Ashesi University courses listed above will be helpful in your research. Now you know what to expect at the facility, the limits of the different courses and the fees to pay. recently posted an article on the University of Mining and Technology (UMaT) courses and their 2020/2021 endpoints. The institute which started out as the Tarkwa Technical Institute has grown in terms of infrastructure and admissions process.

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To be admitted to the institution, you must meet the minimum requirements of UMaT courses and their cut-off points. The courses taught are well designed to ensure that students learn theory in the classroom and practical work in the field through extension activities.

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