Bettendorf YMCA Needs Help To Reach Summer Camp Scholarship Goal

the Bettendorf YMCA is always seeking donations for its annual campaign to help send children to summer camp.

The YMCA’s annual campaign started in September and its goal is $115,000.

Currently, they still need to raise $15,000.

Angelia Aldrich of Moline was able to send her three children to summer camp thanks to scholarships they received from the Bettendorf YMCA.

“The kids were able to have a great time. They weren’t stuck at home over the summer,” Aldrich said.
“They were able to just go and associate with other children. They were able to just hang out and have a good time.

Executive director Luis Leal says they started fundraising for their summer camp last fall, but now they only have a week to reach their goal.

“The YMCA Bettendorf…our goal is $115,000. This year we are about $15,000 short overall because we are part of the association of YMCA of the Mississippi Valley. We are about $100,000 away from our goal,” Leal said. “It facilitates the opportunity to help the community, so their funders commit to that, and we use those funds to, in turn, educate the community.”

People can drop off cash donations at the YMCA front desk and members can pledge to donate over time.

“We want people to come and ask us about these scholarships; join the Y so we can help them,” Leal said. “No one will be turned away because that’s what we use these scholarships for.”

Aldrich says the donations make a difference both to the camp and to the children he helps.

“It helps a lot,” Aldrich said. “It gives the children opportunities and, again, gives them a lot of fun.”

The first day of summer camp is June 6.

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