Celebrating 50 Years of Title IX: Dr. Ann Jirkovsky

Recognize the 50e anniversary of the passage of the title IX, Bellarmine Athletics highlights nine women who have had a remarkable impact on our programs. In our final recognition today, we honor a woman who continues to play a vital role in Bellarmine’s day-to-day success in sports and academics: Faculty of Athletics representative Dr. Ann Jirkovsky.

For the vast majority of the sports world, Dr. J is high-flying hoop star Julius Irving, but within the confines of Bellarmine Athletics, Dr. J is the woman who served nearly a quarter century as a representative of the faculty of athletics.

In 1998, Dr. J represented Bellarmine Athletics not only on campus, but also at the conference and national level. The NCAA describes the FAR’s role as “being completely integrated into the infrastructure of the NCAA. Athletic faculty representatives feature prominently at all levels of NCAA governance except those reserved for CEOs, and they continually serve as points of contact between their campuses and the NCAA in the regular conduct of their varsity athletics programs.”

Dr. J did this more during his tenure. She is a strong voice for Bellarmine and has served on national committees such as the Division II Board of Management, the Division II Violation Appeals Committee, the Division II Academic Requirements Committee, and several others. At the conference level, she has previously held several leadership positions with the Great Lakes Valley Conference and is currently the Chair of the ASUN Conference Student-Athlete Success Committee.

In addition to her service at Bellarmine Athletics, Dr. J is a developmental psychologist and teaches several psychology courses, including sports psychology. The Massachusetts native joined the Bellarmine faculty in 1984.

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