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Clarkson University graduates


Michael Kenneth Thomas, Bachelor, Civil Engineering


John Patrick Bailey, BSc, Civil Engineering, Minor in Mathematics

Nicholas James Bos-Ladd, BA, Political Science and Data Science

Taylor Marie Dawley, Ph.D., Physiotherapy

Sarah Elizabeth Gale, Masters, Physician Assistant Studies

Luke Alexander Gillis, Masters, Physician Assistant Studies

Maelea Marta Mercado, BA, with Distinction, Mechanical Engineering

Michael S. Perrault, Masters, Business Administration


Caleb P. Null, Bachelor, Civil Engineering

Olga Zubak, bachelor, with distinction, biomolecular sciences and chemistry

Chase Mills

Samantha M. O’Keefe, BA, Psychology, Minor in Biology


Gavin Wolfgang Wahl, BA, Hons, Aerospace Engineering and Mechanical Engineering


Summer Louise Scovil, bachelor, with great distinction, interdisciplinary social sciences, legal studies and gender and sexuality STFD minors


Dakota Janay Breglia, BSc, Chemistry, Minor in Materials Engineering

Avery Marie Hawn, BA, Hons, Software Engineering


Olivia Rae Brown, BA, High Distinction, Biology


Alexis Kim Stoner, BA, Honors, Biology, Minor in Psychology


Tyler Ernest Rook, Bachelor, Mechanical Engineering

Kalani Scot Zehr, Bachelor, Mechanical Engineering


Gavin H. Prevatt, B.A., High Distinction, Chemical Engineering, Minor in Materials Engineering; and baccalaureate, with great distinction, physics


Alexandra C. Allen, B.A., Civil Engineering

Maris Makenzie Brockway, Ph.D., Physiotherapy

Brittany Lee Condon, Bachelor, Civil Engineering

Jennifer Lynn Hadley, BA, Honors, Engineering and Management

Matthew A. Newcombe, BA, Business Intelligence and Data Analytics


Dion James Aumbell, Ph.D., Physiotherapy


Alison Marie Greene, Ph.D., Physiotherapy

Lara Jean Varden, Ph.D., Interdisciplinary Philosophy in Biosciences and Biotechnology


Justyn Allen McCormick, BA, Hons, Chemical Engineering

Maria G. Pelusi, BA, Honors, Environmental Science and Policy, Minor in Biology


Andrew John Bennett, BA, Honors, Minors in Engineering and Management, Biomedical Engineering and Project Management

William Joseph Bergan, BA, High Distinction, Global Supply Chain Management, Minor in Communications

Igor Brendoym, Ph.D., Electrical and Computer Engineering

Rhiannon Soo-Yun Clements, BA with Great Distinction, Biology, Honors, Minor in Chemistry; and baccalaureate, with great distinction, communication, media and design

Shannon M. Cislo, Masters, Physician Assistant Studies

Allison C. Compeau, Masters, Business Administration; and Certificate in Innovation and New Business Management

Lindsey Jean, BA, with distinction, chemical engineer, minors in chemistry and mathematics

Jamie Jeong, Masters, Physician Assistant Studies

Matthew Michael Koscak, BA, with Distinction, Electrical Engineering

Maura Sinead Maguire, Masters, Environmental Policy

Patrick James Morrow, Bachelor, Civil Engineering

Daniel Joseph Perrotta, BA, with Distinction, Mechanical Engineering, Minor in Mathematics

Jayda M. Sullivan, BA, Hons, Global Supply Chain Management, Minor in Project Management

Abigail A. White, B.A., High Distinction, Civil Engineering

Amanda Renee Elizabeth Zeglen, Masters, Business Administration


Kelsey Cullen, BA, High Distinction, Biology


Jacob Charles White, BA, Honors, Aerospace Engineering and Mechanical Engineering

South Colton

Herbert Dillian Fountain, BSc, Honors, Minor in Biomolecular Sciences, Biology, Biomedical Science and Technology


Emily Rose McBath, BSc, Civil and Environmental Engineering


Jaid Vivian Baytos, Masters, Physician Assistant Studies

Sydney Elaine Roderick, BA, Honors, Biology and Minors in Medicine and Health Care and Psychology

Harry E. Werner, Masters, Mechanical Engineering

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