CS George Magoha launches process to cut 56 university courses

Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha has started the process of cutting 10 courses from Kenyan universities.

Speaking on the release of the results of the university internships at the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD), the CS revealed that the decision was made by fewer applicants looking to take the courses, with some courses not attracting any applications. nor any subsequent placement.

As a result, Magoha ordered an audit of the 10 courses with the aim of dropping them altogether.

These courses include a Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship, Theology, Bachelor of Science (Energy Technology), Bachelor of Science in Automotive Technology, Bachelor of Technology in Building Construction, Bachelor of Technology in Renewable Energy, and Bachelor of Technology. in mechanical engineering.

Students gather at the Nazarene University of Africa.

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The others are Bachelor of Science (Conservation and Development of Aquatic Resources with Computing offered at Kisii University, Bachelor of Science in Animal Production at Embu University, and Bachelor of Science (Oceanography) at Pwani University. .

Some of the universities affected include Egerton, Masai Mara, Maseno, Masinde Muliro, among others, some of the non-placements accommodating up to 100 students.

In its ordinance, the SC asked the universities offering the courses to find out the reasons for the low application rates and to seek remedial measures.

In its speech, the CS also challenged higher education institutions to continue offering online courses, noting that this was a step in the right direction to help stem the spread of Covid-19.

“The ministry wants to direct universities offering these programs to establish why they are not attractive and to implement corrective measures.

“Universities and colleges have been urged to contact their respective students and give them instructions to join and expedite the start of their university journey given that most universities have pursued online learning during this era of restrictions. Covid-19, ”Magoha said.

During the unveiling, the CS announced that only a total of 125,463 students who scored C + and above on the 2019 KCSE exams were qualified to join universities nationwide for degree programs.

The data also showed that a total of 563,544 students who enrolled in the Kenya Secondary School Certificate (KCSE) 2019 missed out on university places in government-sponsored programs.

He also revealed that a number of students with a C + score and above chose not to join universities and enrolled in technical and vocational education and training (TVET) institutions.

“More than 125,000 students obtained a minimum of C +, which was necessary to enter university education.

“The most important thing I noticed is that a significant number of students with C + have chosen to join the TVET course,” he said.

Below are the university courses that did not register any placements:

University courses without placement

University courses without placement


University courses without placement

University courses that had no placement.


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