Ellwood Group Announces Industrial Maintenance Scholarship

NEW CASTLE – Ellwood Group Inc. has announced the Ellwood Industrial Maintenance Scholarship for high school seniors and those who have passed their GED test.

The scholarship will be for individuals who are pursuing a certificate or degree at an accredited trade school after graduating in mechatronics or an equivalent industrial maintenance program.

Ellwood will award five $10,000 scholarships, totaling $50,000.

Ellwood has 27 locations across the United States, including facilities in Pennsylvania (Ellwood City, New Castle, Hermitage, Sharon, Erie, Irvine and Corry); Ohio (Hubbard & Stow); Michigan (Sterling Heights); and Texas (Houston and Navasota). All graduate students in and around these fields who plan to pursue a trade school degree in mechanical or electrical engineering are encouraged to apply.

Interested candidates can request more information now, including program details, qualifications and more, by emailing [email protected] Applicants will be required to submit all requested documents as detailed on the application, including an essay, two letters of recommendation, a resume (if available), and more.

Completed applications should be submitted no later than April 8. The 2022 scholarship recipients will be selected by a committee and an announcement will be made shortly thereafter.

Each scholarship is only applicable for tuition towards a mechatronics or equivalent industrial maintenance program at an approved/accredited trade school.

Each selected scholarship holder may have the opportunity to work part-time for Ellwood while attending their trade school.

In addition, after graduating from trade school, each scholarship recipient will have the opportunity to obtain full-time employment with Ellwood under the Industrial Maintenance Development Program, provided that all pre-entry testing is completed. jobs are satisfied.

The Maintenance Development Program is a full-time opportunity for entry-level maintenance team members to participate in a six- to eight-month rotation in each business unit, in a specific region, and gain experience. experience on the various equipment and processes used by Ellwood. .

Mechatronics is a field of engineering that merges mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and computer science. Mechatronics specializes in robotics, control systems, and electromechanical systems, and is an essential vocation in manufacturing.

This new Ellwood program guarantees scholars a significant portion of their tuition fees and the opportunity to receive the much-needed training to succeed in these fields.

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