Family Launches Fundraiser for Shawn Kuhn, UGA Student Died of COVID-19 | Campus News

Shawn Kuhn’s family established the Shawn Kuhn Memorial Scholarship Fund for students at his alma mater, Perry High School, to continue his legacy of outstanding moral character.

Kuhn was a senior at the University of Georgia who died on Oct. 11 at the age of 21, after battling COVID-19 pneumonia for about six weeks. He was known to be fully vaccinated.

“Shawn had a huge heart, especially for the underdog. He always defended the less fortunate or those who could not necessarily defend themselves ”, declared Timothy Kuhn, Shawn Kuhn’s father.

Shawn Kuhn was known to be a strong academic and athletic student who studied to become a physiotherapist. However, this fund was created to look beyond these characteristics and focus on the happiness and light it brought to the people around it.

“He deserves others to continue his lot in life. As a mother, I want to go on and make him proud. The purse will benefit others with the same heart of servant as my son ”, declared Roxanne kuhn, Shawn Kuhn’s mother.

According to Shawn Kuhn’s sister, Sharla Brook Kuhn, the family is now accepting donations to the scholarship fund with the goal of reaching $ 25,000. Achieving this goal will endow the scholarship, allowing the family to donate at least $ 1,000 each year. Fellows will have a “reasonable” minimum requirement to meet, but selection will be based on a moral standard, Sharla Brook Kuhn said. Once the scholarship is endowed and organized, the Kuhn family hope to extend it to UGA students.

As of November 18, the fundraiser has raised $ 3,675.

“Shawn had the biggest heart of anyone we’ve ever known,” said Sharla Brook Kuhn. “Knowing how important education was to him, we know he would like to help other people have the same opportunity that he was lucky to learn and grow.”

Fundraising can be found here.

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