Faulkner University Opens 85,000 Square Foot Health Sciences Center

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) – Faulkner University’s new Health Sciences Center opened to the public Thursday in what was once the old Burlington Coat Factory on the Atlanta Freeway.

“We wanted to buy this property and turn it into something beneficial for the community,” said Leah Fullman, dean of the College of Health Sciences.

The college offers six programs that students can study:

  1. Bachelor of Health Sciences
  2. MA in Physician Assistant Studies
  3. Doctorate in Physiotherapy
  4. PhD in Occupational Therapy
  5. Master in Speech Therapy
  6. doctorate in health sciences

Students inside the 85,000 square foot facility can learn how to treat patients of all ages.

“The facility is just nice,” said Bradley Gregory, a physician assistant student. “There are a lot of study rooms. There are many anatomy resources. There is so much here for you as a student to use.

Through one-on-one tours and live demonstrations, the university hoped to pique the interest of high school students interested in the medical field as the industry scrambles to recruit.

“There is a shortage of health care providers in Alabama, and so we hope that by being able to educate the next generation of health care providers, we can help target health care inequities. healthcare that exist in Alabama,” Fullman said.

The college offers free speech therapy.

Fullman said Faulkner University has provided 27,000 appointments over the past four years and plans to eventually include free physical therapy and occupational therapy appointments.

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