France offers university courses in English to other internationals

“We want to maintain our status as a great host country and its ability to attract the best students to our institutions, whether they come from Africa, Asia or America. France is aware of all the high-level Tanzanian talents who will bring an asset to the international courses of our many prestigious universities and schools ”, declared the ambassador.

He was speaking at the ‘Choose France’ event to celebrate the France Alumni network in Tanzania which was held in Dar es Salaam on Tuesday.

He noted that the French government has sponsored 30 students this year to pursue studies in different French universities. He said France spends around 20 percent (10,000 euros) of its national budget each year to support education.

Ambassador Clavier said people choose to study in France due to a number of factors, including culture and lifestyle. France is also chosen for the language since French is the official language of approximately 200 million people spoken on the five continents. Parler français offers privileged access to more than 47 countries around the world.

He said that President Emmanuel Macron had set himself the goal of attracting 500,000 international students per year from 2017. Currently, 7,000 foreign students are studying in France while this year alone, the country has welcomed 324,000 students. .

France is the 4th host country for international students in the world after the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia, he noted.

The ambassador said they have organized the first Franco-Tanzanian higher education fair to be held in Dar es Salaam next week in which 10 French universities and Tanzanian universities will participate.

At the event, he said, students, alumni and members of the private sector will meet with different representatives from French and Tanzanian universities to find professional opportunities and scholarships.

Representing the France Alumni network in Tanzania, Salvius Duwe called on his fellow graduates to continue to use their knowledge, skills and expertise to contribute to the country’s development.

“We should be good ambassadors of France whenever we are, this will encourage many Tanzanian students to continue their studies in France,” said Duwe, adding the presence of the France Tanzania campus and its information centers to University of Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar State University. made many Tanzanians aware of the opportunities in France.

He urged French companies operating in Tanzania to consider giving opportunities to students who have studied in France as their skills and knowledge are indisputable.

Duwe added: “Tanzanians wishing to study in France should not be worried since the strategy launched by the French government ‘Welcome to France’ aims to ensure a better learning environment for international students, including those from Tanzania.”

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