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After 47 years, it’s more than an art exhibition. For many, it is also a reunion.

“Artists who have been there for years and years, it’s like the old week at home,” said president Kathie Price. “It’s great fun to see everyone and visit everyone. We are really looking forward to this part.

The 47th Annual Griffith Park Full of Art returns July 16-17 to Central Park in Griffith. The salon is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. both days. Free entry.

About 50 artists will exhibit and sell their works during the juried art exhibition.

“There are arts and crafts exhibits and there are fine art exhibits, and we think of ourselves as a fine art exhibit,” Price said. “We take handicrafts, but we try to limit them to less than 10% of our entries.”

Several mediums are represented, including oils, acrylics, sculpture, pottery, glass designs, jewelry, crafts, fiber and graphics.

“It’s a nice strain,” Price said. “We have a judge who comes by Saturday morning and he judges our 2D illustrations and our 3D illustrations.”

Make no mistake; it is a juried art exhibition. A committee of seven people selects the artists participating in the show.

“There have been a few times where people have brought things without applying for our show and thought they could just sit on the corner of the sidewalk. That’s not allowed,” Price said. Happened a few times when someone just brought in a card table and set up on the outskirts of the park.”

The artworks are on sale at various prices, she said.

“I think our artists are very reasonable,” Price said. “You can take something for $20 and you can spend up to hundreds.”

Food will be sold on site in the pavilion and live instrumental music will be played on both days.

Children will be able to paint their own art project in a children’s area.

“We have a little kid’s corner so the kids can take a little something with them as well,” Price said. “And there’s no charge for that either.”

At a time when many schools are cutting art programs, it is important to provide children with a creative outlet to explore the arts.

“We really want to promote culture and get people interested,” Price said.

Since 1974, Griffith Park Full of Art has taken place rain or shine on the third weekend of July in Central Park. It was created when the school wanted to hold a cultural event in town, Price said.

“My dad was one of the first people they approached. And he was approached as a consultant because he was a high school art teacher,” she said. “He was a member the first year they did it. And after the first year, they asked him to be the president and he did until his death in 2014.”

It was Price’s father, Charles Ricks, who came up with the idea of ​​creating scholarships for students who were planning to study art in college.

“He suggested offering scholarships to graduates to go to art school,” Price said. “We did this for several years.”

However, in recent years the committee has found that students are no longer attending specific art schools as much and pursuing more general studies.

“We have sponsored several. We still have it available if anyone is interested, but so far we haven’t had anyone interested in the last two or three years to do actual art,” she said. “So we hope to kind of promote that a bit more. We want to keep it and let those kids know that it’s something they need and want and can actually make a pretty good living.

Funds raised from Park Full of Art supported the scholarships, as well as donations to the art department at Griffith High School and the city’s Department of Parks and Recreation summer camps, she said. .

Price has volunteered for the event since her freshman year — when she was a senior in high school. When Ricks passed away in 2014, she was asked to return to her role as president.

“Which are very big shoes to fill,” she said. “He made it run like a well-oiled machine. I have to say the committee that runs the show is just amazing… it goes well every year.

“It was a great show for many years. If we didn’t have the committee we have, it wouldn’t be like this,” she said. “We’ve got a great committee and we’ve got some great artists coming out…It’s been a really nice weekend.”

Griffith Park full of art

When: 10am-5pm July 16-17

Where: Central Park, 600 N. Broad St., Griffith



Kathy Cichon is a freelance journalist for the Post-Tribune.

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