Hong Kong University to Build World’s First Metaverse School

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology on Friday announced plans to build the world’s first digital twin physical school buildings in the virtual realm, as HKUST joins the bandwagon of the next digital wave to improve student experiences. learning at its two campuses in Hong Kong and the Chinese city of Guangzhou.

The Metaverse is a collection of three-dimensional virtual environments where individuals can congregate, work and play using a digital representation of themselves, or more commonly known as avatars, allowing them to interact with others who are not physically present.

MetaHKUST is the name of the mixed virtual reality classroom that HKUST will build, which will allow students from various locations to attend classes as if they were in the same room.

A professor at the institution said the mixed reality class will celebrate the September 1 opening of the new HKUST Guangzhou campus.

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Pioneers of metaverse learning in Hong Kong

According to Pan Hui, professor of the chair of media and computer arts at the Guangzhou campus, a large number of guests may not be able to attend the inauguration, so “we will host it in the metaverse “.

Once an ecosystem has been created, students from both universities can create material for the virtual world, such as their own avatars, NFTs, tokens or virtual works, some of which can be used or viewed in the physical buildings using the augmented reality. (AR).

Avatars are not limited to use in games. They can also be used in other sectors such as entertainment, sports, online shopping, fashion, social media and, in this case, academia.

Image: HKUST

The relationship between the metaverse and NFTs was explained by Roy Kwok, co-founder and business manager of Vplus Studio Corporation Limited. He defined the metaverse as “a second space separate from real space”.

The Metaverse is “a virtual replica of everything you can do in real life,” as K-20 Educators founder and CEO Vriti Saraf puts it. It is not controlled by any single entity and supports the coexistence of many independent systems.

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Hong Kong leads face-to-face learning via virtual reality

The University of Hong Kong is among the first to develop an interdisciplinary teaching, e-learning, among a methodology and innovative programs. The university said it has always been a leader in creative education.

MetaHKUST is a key program of HKUST that aims to enable integrated education and engage students and research studies across geographic boundaries.

The metaverse provides a tremendous opportunity for digital communication between people all over the world.

The increasing availability of virtual reality headsets and browser-based connection systems has enabled face-to-face interactions with others in a digital world achievable from any location.

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