Huskies extend scholarship offer to San Clemente Tackle

Connor Bachhuber was big news, long before he became an intriguing college football prospect in Southern California.

His birth in 2006, making him the first baby of the new year in San Clemente, was recited in great detail by the Orange County Register. How he showed up early. How the doctor walked through thick fog to get to the hospital. How her young parents had to rush out on New Year’s Eve rather than have a quiet good night’s sleep at home.

Sixteen years later, this Bachhuber is a 6-foot-5, 255-pound offensive tackle and member of the 202 class for San Clemente High, still exhibiting considerable growing pains.

He hails from the same coastal community made noteworthy when President Richard Nixon used to hole up in a well-fortified compound overlooking the Pacific Ocean called the West Coast White House.

With her pale blonde hair, Bachhuber has that SoCal surfer look. With its large size, it has a large number of college recruiters scribbling notes at all times.

Last week, Kalen DeBoer’s University of Washington staff offered Bachhuber a football scholarship, his fifth in addition to those at Arizona State, Colorado State, San Jose and Utah.

For a 7-4 Tritons side, Bachhuber played both ways, showing good speed and strong hands. The Huskies see him as an offensive tackle, playing well over 300 pounds. Others love him as a defensive player.

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Bachhuber’s stock rose following a recently held Southern California Showcase football camp in San Clemente, where he stood out, with the Huskies and Utah offering him the same day after the event.

The San Clemente kid has come a long way since that New Year’s Eve over a decade and a half ago when his parents, who were married for just 11 months, rushed to the hospital to deliver him. They had just bought a new house and a new car. Now they were going to have a child.

They named their son Connor Wesley Scott Bachhuber, a name that will fit perfectly for a national letter of intent one of these days.

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