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DEC. 31, 2021

British student-athletes

# 31, Kellan grady, Graduate student, Guard

On the British head coach Jean Caliparitrusts Kellan to take pictures …
“It’s a rewarding feeling. He mentioned it (told him to shoot more) in the starting XI. I was able to get some in transition and I just went to the half court. the beauty of being on this team and overtaking teams and just being able to look good. “

How much he is aware of the fans during his shooting sequences …
“Honestly, I’m more grateful for the anticipation, which basically tells me that 20,000 people trust me to succeed or are thrilled that I made this move. The last two games at Rupp, it’s become an incredible feeling and I grateful to be able to perform in front of such a loyal fan base. “

If he felt like Steph Curry after the 4-point game opportunity…
“A little, yeah. I don’t know if anyone saw me playing the four-point game like what they do, but of course I missed the free throw.”

On what makes this team special compared to other teams he’s been in …
“It’s hard to pin down. We’re just a cohesive squad both as you can see, on and off the pitch. We understand each other and that’s exactly what you expect for a team where you have it. a group of guys who are close. Everyone appreciates each other, each has their own characteristics, both on and off the pitch. It has been a joy to be a part of it. “

On the number of points compared to the total number of shots they take …
“We have such a deep team with a plethora of options when it comes to scoring. If you look at our box scores I’m not sure anyone on this team has taken more than 15 shots this year. , our base guys shoot five to ten times and it’s about being efficient and taking advantage of opportunities when they’re given to you. “

# 3, TyTy Washington Jr., First year, Guard

On the swimsuits hanging in the gym …
“I know who Tubby (Smith) was, but other than that, not really. I just know their jerseys are up there for a reason. They set a great standard for all of us. Even back when they were. played, they didn’t. I don’t know they were going to set standards here. It’s a standard here that we all have to meet. So just seeing those jerseys go up there and then seeing Tubby Riding today was really great, because like I said it’s just the norm. It was a blessing not only for me but also for my teammates and the Tubby family. “

On the t-shirt he wore after the game …
“Everyone on our team had this. It was in our locker room after the game. I just wanted to put it on because Tubby is a legend, as well as a Cal. You always have to pay your respect when respect is due. “Everyone here and in the state respects Tubby. Everyone appreciates what he did for the program at the time. We’re just trying to keep going, and that’s why I’m wearing this shirt. Strong and proud.” . “

At Kellan grady to mark…
“It’s crazy. I think he scored 12 points in 30 seconds. He went running and shooting three. When I saw him go crazy like that, I asked him, ‘You mind. if I join the party? ‘ He was like, ‘Yeah man.’ I know once he does two the shots widen for him. So every time he shoots we all think it goes in. Even his heat control, he thought it went in. The celebrate. Then when I hit the three he was the first person to come and celebrate it and hit my chest. It shows how well connected we are as a unit and shows that we all care each other. We don’t really care who scores, as long as we produce and come out with a win at the end of the day. “

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