Licking County Foundation Scholarship Donors Offer Hope and Opportunity

“Thank you for not just offering a scholarship, but an opportunity to grow.”

“This dream that I have worked so hard for over the past few years would not have come true without your generosity.”

“The Carl and Maybelle McKee Nursing Scholarship will allow me to further my education to become the best nurse I can be. My gratitude is endless.

These words from some of our 2022 Licking County Foundation Scholars echo the gratitude of the more than 350 individuals who are heading to colleges, universities, and technical and trade schools thanks to the generous Licking Counties who have established scholarship funds over the years. We share the enthusiasm of these students and their deep appreciation for the generosity of donors who make education and training more accessible through their scholarships.

This impact on Licking County is significant. In total, the Licking County Foundation recently offered more than $1.2 million in scholarships and awards to students graduating from high school, renewing their scholarships for another year, pursuing graduate or professional studies, or deciding to start a training program. or college a few years after high school. . While attending schools across the country, more than 80% of these students attend schools in Ohio.

As the Licking County Foundation celebrates our current recipients, we are also preparing to launch the opening of our 2023 program year in December. Again, we will be adding new scholarships thanks to those touched by a mentor, in memory of a loved one or passionate about a field of study.

Share the celebration by watching our tribute video at To learn more about creating a scholarship to help more students access education and training, email [email protected] or call 740.349.3863, ext. 101.

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