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The volunteer-led basket raffle and bake sale took place before the tournament officially kicked off in memory of Brandon Zebrowski.

Brandon Zebrowski, who grew up in Frewsburg and passed away in 2020, has been remembered and honored for the past two years through a memorial golf tournament.

Zebrowski died of an overdose following a struggle with addiction. Since his passing, friends and family have held an annual memorial golf tournament, the second of which was held on July 23. They also arrange scholarships and funeral expenses for families dealing with unexpected deaths.

Zebrowski’s mother, Shelby Williams, organizes all events and fundraisers.

Derek Smith, one of the members of the Brandon “BZ” Zebrowski Memorial Fund, grew up with Zebrowski.

“We grew up together and went to high school in Frewsburg and elementary school together,” said Smith. “After high school, Brandon went to JCC and got his associate’s degree there before being a United States Postal Service carrier for about two or three years, hauling to Jamestown and Fredonia.”

Pictured are Nick Mole, Dylan Greene, Eric Sadowski and Nile Bird, one of four teams of players who took part in a golf tournament in memory of Brandon Zebrowski. There were 36 teams in total that played.

Zebrowski’s family and friends have set up a scholarship – the first being awarded last year and the second this year – for Frewsburg students who plan to go into a skilled trade like Zebrowski did, or for those entering a field related to substance abuse or social work.

The annual golf tournament began as a way to raise money for the Brandon “BZ” Zebrowski Memorial Fund.

“We knew we wanted to fundraise, and this was an easy and fun way to do it,” said Smith. “It also involves a lot of people. We have 36 teams of four people. It is an attractive thing for people to do in the summer. After last year, people came to us and told us how much they were looking forward to this year. And it raises funds for a great cause.

Last year’s tournament raised $9,000 while $7,000 was raised this year. Other events during the tournament included a Chinese auction, and both years it was held at the South Hills Country Club.

“They were very kind to us” said Smith. “The first year we held it around the middle of June so right around the time Brandon passed away but we couldn’t get that spot this year so this year we got it there. about two weeks. We have 18 holes, with two teams per hole. Seats filled up pretty quickly.

Pictured is Brandon Zebrowski, who passed away in 2020 and is named after the Brandon “BZ” Zebrowski Memorial Fund and golf tournament. Photos submitted

The memorial fund also gives money to families dealing with unexpected deaths.

“It’s a general collaboration”, said Smith. “Sometimes people will see an obituary or the newspaper and contact us and we will donate money for funeral expenses that may accompany an unexpected death.”

The group also donated $100 to funds that raised money after Tops’ shooting in Buffalo.

Smith hopes the fund can be expanded in the coming years.

“I think we’ve done a great job of getting as big as we have over the past two years,” said Smith. “The communities of Frewsburg and Jamestown are very close communities and it’s great to see how we can grow each year. We are very new to this, so we are still learning, but we are improving over time and will continue to improve. We hope to have more scholarships and more support over time. We are all very busy and we do it in our free time, but we are always looking to grow this great cause.

The group can be found on their Facebook page under the name Brandon “BZ” Zebrowski Memorial Fund. Smith asked anyone interested in learning more or getting involved to visit them there.

“People can follow our Facebook page, or consider donating, or ask how else you can get involved,” said Smith. “It’s a labor of love. The more people we can involve, the better.

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