New Dean appointed to courses at Burnley College

And Nina Parkin shared her plans for the future of accessible university education in the heart of the city for those returning to school after a break and those leaving college or sixth grade.

Speaking of her pride in her new appointment, Nina said, “I am proud to lead BCUC in the next phase of its mission to bring real and lasting change in the lives of individuals, employers and our communities.

“I will work tirelessly to ensure that BCUC continues to reflect the needs of learners and the business.

Nina Parkin is the new Dean of Courses at Burnley College

community – now and in the future.

“Going forward, the BCUC will continue to be at the heart of the region’s economic growth and skills; we will enable even more individuals to undertake college-level studies that they may previously have thought inaccessible, and we will expand our facilities to provide an inspiring, high-tech space in which to learn.

Nina brings a wealth of high-level experience in the business world with years of college-level study while managing her professional and family commitments and her successful post-GCSE teaching career to her new role at the helm of BCUC.

Nina had a successful career as a business development manager at a regional chemical engineering firm while studying for business degrees, before earning her teaching degree through part-time evening studies.

She added, “I can fully understand the challenges that so many of our current BCUC undergraduates face in combining their college level education with their professional and family commitments.

“I can also understand the passion and determination they have to change their lives and do something different.

“I took this trip too.”

Nina enjoyed a 15-year teaching career at Burnley College, guiding school-leavers to A-level and professional business qualifications; working with GCSE business students from local schools; as well as supporting the professional development of individuals through Institute of Leadership and Management courses.

She held both the roles of program manager and program manager before becoming director of the BCUC School of Business and Management, which is increasingly recognized for the industry expertise of its lecturers.

Nina added, “I urge anyone who is considering making this change in their life; to follow the career of their dreams; to become something different to talk to us here at BCUC.

“We understand the path you are on. We understand the concerns you might have – and the enormous potential you have to make yourself proud of yourself, your family and your community.

“As the Dean of the BCUC, I am committed to ensuring that college-level education is accessible to everyone in our region and that our graduates will be the leaders of tomorrow, changing lives and influencing the industry for coming years. “

Apply for bachelor’s level studies at the BCUC (recognized as Excellent at TEF (Teaching) from the government

Excellence and Student Outcomes Framework) and will begin in the fall.

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