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Nine adventures within walking distance of the university

By Edward Fargis | Personal editor

Northern Lights | Ashley Burdick

Scranton is a big city, and perfect for a student with a slow weekend. Even if you don’t have your own car or the time to use an Uber, here are some adventures within walking distance of the University. A semester just isn’t complete if you haven’t gone to each of them at least once!

1. Steamtown Mall

This one goes without saying. Having been featured on this city’s pride, The Office, this is a must visit place in Scranton. Although it’s a bit spacious for some, it’s full of adventure. The Library Express, the expansive Boscov’s, a gym, a decently sized food court, various amenities, with a popular favorite being the nostalgia-laden Nick D’s Game Vault.

2. Nay Aug Park

Do you have a long weekend? Looking to de-stress? Want to connect with nature? Nay Aug Park is a short distance away. It has everything you could ask for in a park; a museum, a playground, plenty of scenic and photo-worthy views and a cafe if you need some extra energy. Here, one can spend the whole day escaping the urban sprawl of the city and basking in the beauty of Mother Nature.

3. Albright Memorial Library

A favorite of mine, this one is good for anyone who wants a quick weekly movie or read. Equal in scale to the building’s catalog of stories is the beautiful, artistic building to which the library is built. You can spend hours exploring the nearly endless catalog of stories in this historic building.

4. The Beverage House

Trying to get ready for a night out with more than a few friends? This is where you have to go. Just across the Harrison Avenue Bridge is the perfect party supply line, with virtually every booze you can imagine in bulk.

5. Bartari

A true weekend hangout for all eras, it combines the social aspect of a bar with the nostalgia of an 80s arcade. While some may think traditional arcades are extinct, this hangout gives players a quick chance to relive classics from the early days of the medium such as Pac-Man, Mortal Kombat, and even a dozen pinball machines.

6. Scranton Iron Furnaces

Not in the mood for something loud or crowded for your ride? Take a short walk to the Scranton Iron Furnaces right across from our very own Fitzpatrick Field. As one of our city’s many historic landmarks, it makes the perfect setting for a weekend adventure or a quick sightseeing tour, offering an evocative rustic atmosphere that takes the traveler back to the early days of the city.

7. Comics on Green

Think comic book stores are dead? Think again ! Are you a comic book fan? Superheroes? CBMs? This store is the perfect meeting place and emporium. It’s got pretty much every line of DC and Marvel comics you can think of, plus a decent supply of merchandise to decorate your rooms with. Even if you came for the merchandising, you can stay the focus of other comic book nerds.

8. Loyalty Barber

Let’s face it, you’ll have to visit the trim at least once or twice a semester, so why not do it in style! Loyalty Barber offers fair prices while providing the experience of a crowded barbershop and selling merchandise, with rock music and equally rocking barbers.

9. Northern Lights Espresso

Finally, if you need a little caffeine to get you through midterm, take a quick stroll to Northern Light’s Espresso. Here, you can get your fix of caffeinated beverages and study in style in an extremely millennial-friendly environment.

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