Northcentral University accreditation reaffirmed until 2028

North Central University, a nonprofit online institution focused on higher education, has been regionally accredited since 2003. In 2020, NCU participated in the WSCUC reaffirmation institutional review process, including the completion of a procedure. Rigorous self-review and peer review ensuring that the institution meets or exceeds the educational standards, academic expectations and best practices defined by the WSCUC. Through this process, NCU has engaged in deep personal reflection within the context of the contemporary higher education landscape with a primary goal of continuous improvement, in a collaborative, transparent and inclusive environment.

The self-reflection process was rigorous. In 2017, the NCU established a frank institutional self-assessment, inclusion and participation plan, as well as a comprehensive communication and training strategy. In October 2020, NCU hosted the WSCUC Peer Review Team, which interviewed more than 100 people representing NCU students, alumni, faculty and staff. The collective commitment to accreditation by the WSCUC peer review team and UCN students, alumni, faculty and staff resulted in a strong, engaging and positive reaffirmation of the visit and the accreditation process.

“What you hope on an accreditation visit is that the accreditor has an accurate picture of the facility or program,” said the president David Harpool. “With the visit of WSCUC, Dr. John LaPrès, Assistant Dean Jessica Hensley, Cabinet, Faculty, Staff, Alumni and Students have done an amazing job communicating who NCU is, how we operate and what drives us. Kudos to John and Jessica for driving this great result. “

In reaffirmation, WSCUC shared the following praise for NCU:

  1. NCU promotes and practices a participatory, transparent and collaborative institutional culture that emphasizes student success.
  2. NCU creates best practices in the areas of doctoral dissertation quality, asynchronous e-learning, academic leadership accountability, financial forecasting, and enrollment management that could serve as models with the system and to nationwide.
  3. NCU maintains an inclusive and educational work environment and seeks new ways to support diverse students and underserved populations.
  4. NCU maintains a strong assessment process and well-developed institutional learning outcomes that differentiate learning expectations by degree level.

In addition, WSCUC expressed appreciation for “the tremendous work that has gone into North Central University is committed to preparing and supporting this certification exam. WSCUC has embarked on an accreditation process that adds value to institutions while contributing to public accountability, and we thank you for your continued support to this process. “

As part of the ongoing accreditation cycle, NCU plans to participate in a reaffirmation of the accreditation exam in 2028.

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On North Central University
Founded in 1996, North Central University is a regionally accredited, non-profit, online, graduate-focused university serving professionals worldwide. More than 11,000 mature students are enrolled in bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programs at NCU, including business, education, health sciences, law, marriage and family therapy, psychology and technology.

North Central University is a non-profit subsidiary of the private non-profit sector National university System. It is regionally accredited by the WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC). For more information visit or call 866.776.0331.

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