Obi promises to use public funds wisely, Otti grants scholarship to 26 students – The Sun Nigeria

Of Okey SampsonUmuahia

Presidential Labor Party (LP) candidate Peter Obi has said he would use public funds to improve the living conditions of Nigerians if elected president in 2023.

It was even the party’s gubernatorial candidate for Abia, Alex Otti, who awarded scholarships to 26 students, through the Alex Otti Foundation (AOF).

Obi, who said this in Umuahia, during a scholarship ceremony for 26 undergraduate students by AOF, lamented that it is unacceptable that despite the resources God has given to the country, millions of Nigerians don’t know where their next meal would come from.

He said: “Some people say I’m miserly, but I believe in using public funds to improve the lives of the majority instead of dividing them among a few people.”

The LP presidential candidate further warned that politicians must stop abusing God’s grace in the country and use public money for public good.

He urged Nigerians to elect credible people to leadership positions to fix the country before it gets worse, stressing that Nigeria must move from a consumer nation to a producer nation.

“I am warning everyone, let us fix Nigeria before things get worse. We need to fix this place now. It is not acceptable that with the huge resources that God has given Nigeria, millions of Nigerians will not don’t know where their next meal will come from.

“This is unacceptable. We must stop abusing the grace of God and use public money for the public good. All I ask is to go and check all the candidates, ask questions about this they did.

“We cannot continue like this. It’s not our country. A country where people cannot buy a loaf of bread is not our country. Our country must be productive. We need to take back our country and end this poverty. In 2023, we must make a difference. We have to take back our country and rebuild it,” he said.

Introducing the scholarships to undergraduate students, Otti described the gesture as his contribution to helping less privileged undergraduates gain an education.

He explained that the scholarship scheme for second year students is open to students from Abia State and other residents of the state.

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