Poultry Federation Names 2022-23 Scholarship Recipients

Jessica Wesson

There were 26 students from the Department of Poultry Science who received the 2022-23 Poultry Federation Scholarship.

The Poultry Federation recently recognized 26 poultry science students for receiving the TPF scholarship at the 62nd Annual Rogers Poultry Festival.

The Poultry Federation is a multi-state organization that represents the poultry and egg industry in Arkansas, Missouri and Oklahoma. The federation protects industry interests and acts on behalf of industry and state government stakeholders. The Poultry Federation was formed in 1954 and consolidated with Oklahoma and Missouri in 1998.

The federation scholarship program is funded by the Arkansas Nutrition Conference and the Allied Industries Scholarship Auction. Since 2010, the Allied Industries Scholarship Auction and Arkansas Nutrition Conference have awarded a total of $1,369,016 to students pursuing careers in the poultry and egg industry. Over the past 12 years, a total of 380 students have received scholarships through the Allied Industries Scholarship Fund and the Nutrition Scholarship Fund.

“The Poultry Federation Scholarship Program is part of our mission to support young people who are destined to be future leaders in the poultry and egg industry,” said Marvin Childers, President of the Poultry Federation.

Several graduate and undergraduate students attended the scholarship auction at the Poultry Festival on June 10. Recipients of the 2022-23 scholarship were invited to participate in the event as well as network with industry professionals.

The 2022-2023 recipients pursuing a degree in poultry science at the U of A are:

  • Annalize Anderson, Ph.D. student
  • Benjamin Angel, MS student
  • Samantha Beitia, Ph.D. student
  • Morgan Bonner, second year
  • Arjun Chapagain, MS student
  • Katelyn Clark, Senior
  • Renee Cude, senior
  • Colten Dale, senior
  • Ellis Freel, Jr.
  • Jay Hampton, MS student
  • Seth Hufford, senior
  • Clay Maynard, Ph.D. student
  • Payton McGinnis, senior
  • Muhammad Ali Muhammad, junior
  • Blake Nelson, MS student
  • Abigeal Omolewu, Ph.D. student
  • Benjamin Parsons, Ph.D. student
  • Alessandro Rocchi, senior
  • Kylie Roesler, senior
  • Jossie Santamaria, Ph.D. student
  • Madison Smalley, Jr.
  • Chloe Smith, junior
  • Jean-Remi Teyssier, Ph.D. student
  • Emily Traylor, junior
  • Lyla Warren, Jr.
  • Savannah Wells-Crafton, Masters Student

This scholarship is awarded to students who are pursuing an education leading to a career in the poultry and egg industry. Anderson holds a Ph.D. student from McHenry, Illinois, and this was her first time receiving the Poultry Federation scholarship.

“This scholarship has helped me further my education by boosting my self-confidence and giving me the motivation to achieve my educational goals,” Anderson said.

Clark is a senior majoring in poultry science with a minor in Spanish. Clark is from Elkins and is a second time recipient of this scholarship.

“I consider it an honor to receive a scholarship from those who are most invested in the future of this industry,” said Clark. “It allowed me to focus on school and spend my time on my research project rather than working to pay for my education-related expenses.”

While some students have found encouragement and motivation through this scholarship, others have found a financial lifeline for themselves or their families. Bonner is a sophomore from Nashville, Arkansas, and this is her first time receiving the scholarship. Bonner recently experienced a major life change that made this scholarship all the more important.

“It is an honor to receive this scholarship from a great organization that is a voice for the poultry industry,” Bonner said. “I just got married, and while it’s exciting, it brings financial stress. This scholarship encourages me to continue to gain a valuable education by removing much of the financial burden.”

Nelson is a masters student from Clarksville and a second-time Poultry Federation scholarship recipient.

“Graduate education takes a lot of hard work and dedication,” Nelson said. “This scholarship has eased the financial burden and allowed me to focus all my efforts to be the best student I can be.”

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