Prairie High School senior receives $6,500 GFWC scholarship

The Reflector

Prairie High School senior Ellie Durgarian recently received $6,500 in scholarships from the General Federation of Women’s Clubs.

The club’s Battle Ground branch awarded Durgarian a $1,500 scholarship in early April. His application was then forwarded to the state club, which awarded Durgarian an additional $5,000 scholarship at the organization’s annual convention in Olympia on April 22.

Durgarian was awarded the Traditional Scholarship and the Kathy Estep Memorial Scholarship for outstanding merit, according to a press release.

Durgarian took classes at Clark College while still in high school. She plans to attend Washington State University in Vancouver and then the University of Washington School of Medicine to study gastroenterology.

“Historically, the medical world has not treated women with the same respect as men, whether they seek treatment as patients or aspire to become medical professionals,” Durgarian said in her candidacy.

To build up her education fund, the eldest painted fences and houses. She also helped neighbors with gardening work.

At Clark College, Durgarian teaches other students in biology and chemistry, the statement said. She recently earned a first-degree black belt and credits her self-discipline to her 11 years in a martial arts program.

The GFWC has supported women’s education since its first gathering of women’s clubs in 1890. The Battle Ground Club recently celebrated 50 years of community service. They awarded more than $50,000 in scholarships, the statement said. The group’s annual Ladybug Bazaar is the main source of funding for many of their community service projects.

All senior girls in the greater Battle Ground area are eligible to apply. For more information, contact Leese Pohl at 360-666-7054 or visit the club’s website at

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