Psychology professor at Clarkson University appointed executive editor of Journal of Psychology

Clarkson University associate professor of psychology Lisa Legault has been appointed editor-in-chief of the Journal of Social Psychology for a three-year term.

A bi-monthly, peer-reviewed journal, the Journal of Social Psychology publishes high-quality research in basic and applied social psychology, including behavior, attitudes, identity, interpersonal relationships, group processes, and intergroup relationships. .

In his new editorial role, Legault plans to increase the scientific rigor of the articles published by the journal. In addition, it seeks to make publication expectations clear and consistent and to increase honesty and transparency in reporting, editing and editing.

Legault also aims to promote awareness of diversity issues in the sample of participants and to help broaden the reach of social psychology to historically under-represented populations.

Legault is a social psychologist who studies the motivational foundations of prosocial behavior – particularly when applied to inclusive, non-discriminatory social behavior and sustainable environmental behavior.

At Clarkson, she teaches courses in motivation and emotions, research methods and statistics, and is the creator and director of the work experience of the Saint-Laurent Psychiatric Center for undergraduate students.

The Journal of Social Psychology reaches 220,000 readers per year and promotes open access and open data. It has an acceptance rate of 13% for submitted articles.

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