REI University launches as the first online real estate investment education and coaching platform to professionally train real estate investors

REI University promises to turn amateur investors into professionals with e-learning modules, results-based learning, and live coaching from top real estate experts in the industry

GERMANTOWN, Tenn., April 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — REI University launches as the first online education platform for real estate investing. The launch of REI University includes a user-friendly platform offering educational courses, results-based learning and live coaching to train amateur real estate investors to become professional investors.

REI University’s mission is to provide expert knowledge and coaching in all areas of real estate investing for all levels of investment experience and expertise, including beginners and advanced investors. The program, created by a Stanford University graduate and expert in real estate investment, approaches online education in a new way by training students to become professionals and providing them with the tools and real-time advice to scale their business within the framework of the courses. Unlike many online educational programs today, REI University caters to the needs of aspiring real estate investors and entrepreneurs by teaching proven investment strategies and providing students with access to investment software and tools.

“I founded and launched REI University as an innovative and practical approach to real estate investing, via an online educational platform. As an experienced investor myself, I wanted to create a platform that gives students a head start on the lessons I had learned on my own to enter this industry,” says Hamza Ibrahim, founder and CEO of REI University. “While the platform goes beyond the wholesale sale of real estate, this real estate investment practice is essential for adults transitioning into new careers in the industry. Our team of expert coaches believe that this program and their combined specialist knowledge will help students succeed as owners of their own businesses and create generational wealth and security for themselves and their families.”

REI University’s starter course, The Wholesaling Academy, is a 12-week program that combines course modules with daily live training sessions delivered by subject matter experts from the real estate investment industry. The program is designed to guide the student through the wholesaling process, from generating leads, working with sellers and buyers, to understanding contracts and other necessary skills. to successfully start their own business. Graduates receive a toolkit of resources they can use in their wholesale business, in addition to a certification of completion and exclusive access to an alumni network and community for ongoing support .

A secondary course, REI Entrepreneur, teaches students who have completed Wholesaling Academy how to build a team, operationalize and scale their business. The company plans to develop additional courses for students wishing to learn more strategies such as repairing and flipping a home, managing short-term rentals as well as investing in other forms of real estate such as multi-family and commercial properties.

About REI University
Created by a respected real estate agent and investor Hamza Ibrahim, REI University is an online real estate investment education program focused on educating new and experienced investors through an online curriculum with coursework, results-based learning strategies, and live coaching with industry experts. Its flagship program, The Wholesaling Academy, provides inexperienced investors with the tools to start making money in as little as three months. You can learn more about Or on ICT Tac, instagram and Youtube.

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