Rock Island Development Association launches high school scholarship program

The Development Association of Rock Island, Inc. (DARI) is launching a scholarship program offering two $5,000 scholarships at Rock Island high school students at help launch his community marketing campaign”Why Rock Island. Applicants are requested to use
their imagination to create a video or other visual that tells the story Why Rock Island is a big place of life, work and leisure. DARI wI will then use the stories to help market Rock Island. the the deadline for applications is April 22n/a.

The scholarship was established with proceeds from the Divots FORE DARI golf outing that DARI hosted in 2021. DARI has hosted a golf outing since 2015 with proceeds raised go to a communityconcentrated effort. The DARI Board of Directors has decided to allocate the 2021 proceeds to a scholarship fund to assist a Rock Island resident attending a Rock Island high school to help them when they enter University.

Scholarship Conditions:
Applicant must be attending a Rock Island high school (public or private)
Applicant Homework reside in Rock Island, Illinois (zip code 61201)

The DARI scholarship application form must be completed for consideration. All answers must be typed.

A visual test is required that describes Why Rock Island is a wonderful place to live, work and player. Applicants will be required to create a video (5 minutes or less) or visual photo.

A link to the visual documentation should be included in the application (for example a link to a YouTube video, Google Doc, TikTok, PowerPoint, etc.)

The completed application form and required documents should be submitted via email by April 22, 2022 to
[email protected].
Application documents must include the following:

Completed typed application Form.

Writing Test.

Visual test A link to your visual Documentation.

Reference letter (wwhich will be emailed separately to DARI by the reference).
Authorization to broadcast video/visual Materials.

A panel representing the Board of Directors of the Rock Island Development Association
will review scholarship applications andct the final winners. There will be two winners
selected for $5,000 scholarships. DARI management reserves the right to modify or alter the amount of rewards.

The scholarships are for one year and will be paid directly to the college/university of enrollment when receipt of proof of registration.
Fellows will be asked to submit a photo of themselves to be featured in media press release, social media and other promotional materials. Winners will be announced in May 18 years old, 2022.

For more information, please call DARI at (309) 7321186 or email

[email protected]

About Rock Island Development Association, Inc:

Development Association of Rock Island, Inc. (DARI) is a memberbased, 501(c) 6 no
for-profit organization whose mission is to serve as a catalyst to stimulate the community and economic development on Rock Island. Since his debut, DARI has remained a strong player economic ofdevelopment organization, through strong board leadership and partnership with the The Town of Rock Island helps coordinate the complex community development program that continues to push Rock Island forward. Since 2020, DARI and the City of Rock Island have bestrengthened its audienceprivate partnership with DARI leading economic development efforts to develop business and opportunity across Rock Island and currently manages over $60 million in economic development projects to develop the town of Rock Island. Yoyou can know more visiting

Rock Island Development Association launches high school scholarship program

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