Scholarships for students enrolling in new university courses

The new architecture programs at the University of Bradford will award scholarships to all home and overseas students.

The programs – due to launch in September – will allow students to learn directly from practicing architects, work on authenticated projects and incorporate rigorous sustainability principles into their designs.

All undergraduate students who register – whether domestic or international – will be awarded a scholarship – in the form of a £7,500 international student discount and a cash payment of £2,000 £ for domestic students.

Two new courses – BSc in Architectural Technology and BEng in Architectural Engineering – have been developed at the University of Bradford.

Dr Mostafa Mohamed, Head of Civil and Structural Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science, said: “There is a need to educate the next generation of architects, architectural engineers and architectural technologists, by adopting the UN Sustainable Development Goals and using the latest technologies. technological tools and techniques to address regional and global challenges.

“Students will design, design, operate and implement projects alongside engineers, replicating life in the construction industry. We have state-of-the-art facilities where students will participate in the design process, from ideation to conceptualization.

“Bradford is a wonderful place to study architecture, as the city and region has a rich architectural heritage, with a diverse range of buildings, many of which have issues, such as energy efficiency. We need new minds, a new generation of architects, architectural engineers and architectural technologists to solve these problems. Our new programs will not only empower students to design new buildings, but also to develop retrofit programs for existing buildings. »

The University plans to introduce a third program – BA in Architecture – in 2023.

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