Stefan Banach Scholarship Program 2022 to study in Poland

Deadline: March 31, 2022

Applications are open for the Stefan Banach Fellowship Program 2022. The program aims to support the socio-economic development of developing countries by increasing the level of education and professional qualifications of citizens of countries eligible to participate in the program by providing a scholarship to undertake postgraduate studies in Poland.

The program offers the scholarship for full-time second-cycle studies conducted in Polish or English at universities supervised by the Minister of Education and Science in the field of engineering and technical sciences, agricultural sciences as well than natural sciences, defined on the basis of the regulation of the Minister of Science and Higher Education of 20 September 2018 relating to the fields of science, scientific disciplines and artistic disciplines.


The Program offers:

  • NAWA Director’s monthly scholarship during the statutory period of study.
  • exemption from tuition fees in public universities.


  • Applicants are citizens of one of the following countries: Albania, Angola, Argentina, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Montenegro, Ethiopia, Philippines, Georgia, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Colombia, Kosovo, Lebanon, North Macedonia, Mexico, Moldova, Nigeria, Palestine, Peru, South Africa, Senegal, Serbia, Tanzania, Tunisia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Vietnam;
  • Not having Polish nationality and not having applied for Polish nationality;
  • Plan to start graduate studies or a preparatory course in the academic year 2022/23;
  • At the time of application to the Programme, students are in their final year of undergraduate studies in the field of engineering and technical sciences, agricultural sciences and exact and natural sciences, or hold a an undergraduate degree in the above-mentioned fields obtained in a country covered by the program no earlier than 2020. For applicants from Europe, Central Asia and the South Caucasus, the study degrees of undergraduate degrees obtained in the field of social sciences and humanities are also allowed;
  • Not having obtained a diploma of completion of second cycle studies or a master’s degree in a long cycle; If there is no commonly applied two-cycle study system in the candidate’s home country, candidates with a master’s degree or equivalent will be admitted;
  • Have documented knowledge of
    • Polish language:
      • minimum at level A2 if the candidate plans to start the one-year preparatory course first and after the course the further education in the second cycle of studies in the Polish language;
      • minimum at B1 if the candidate plans to start the second cycle studies in the Polish language without a one-year preparatory course; Where
    • Minimum English language at B2 level in case the candidate plans to start studies in English language.


Below is a list of required attachments:

  • Scan of a valid passport with the applicant’s personal data, confirming the applicant’s citizenship.
  • Scan of the undergraduate degree in the eligible field for the countries covered by the Program, i.e. in the field of engineering and technical sciences, agricultural sciences or natural sciences; in the case of applicants from Europe, Central Asia and the South Caucasus – also in the field of social sciences or humanities, including information on the arithmetic average of marks throughout the studies and information on marks obtained for completed courses (or a diploma supplement).
  • Scan of a document confirming knowledge of the Polish/English language.
  • Letter of recommendation issued by the applicant’s place of study (foreign HEI) or intended place of study (Polish HEI), or written by a Polish diplomatic mission in accordance with the institution’s accreditation area or by an organization not governmental.

The call for proposals will be conducted until March 31, 2022 at 15:00:00 local time (Warsaw)

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For more information, see FAQs and visit Banach Scholarship.

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