Student ignited ‘inner fire’ to learn English and wins national accounting scholarship

Haiying Li

The only state recipient of a $10,000 national accounting scholarship is a university in Hawaii in Manoa Shidler College of Commerce undergraduate student. Haiying Lia young accounting graduate was appointed Public Company Accounting Oversight Council (PCAOB) scholarship recipient for the 2022-2023 academic year. These scholarships are awarded to outstanding students who are likely to pursue a career as an auditor.

Li was born in China and came to the United States in 2012. She struggled to speak English and spent most of her recess in class studying, while her classmates played outside.

“I’ve always worked hard and believed that the amount of effort I put in equals the results I get,” Li said. ignited my inner fire, rocketed into the top 15% of my graduating class and graduated from high school (President Theodore Roosevelt High School) with one semester of college credit.”

Find support at uh Manoa

Li signed up for uh Mānoa in 2019 and entered Shidler College of Business in the spring of 2021. She said her experience at Shidler College was great. Her advisors and teachers constantly encourage and support her.

Going to college helps students grow into mature, independent young adults, but there are mentors and peers who can help you make this transition and prepare for your career. You’re not alone!
—Haying Li

“A misconception that students always have about college is that college is completely independent and they are completely on their own,” Li said. “Going to college helps students grow into young adults. mature and independent, but there are mentors and peers who can help you make this transition and prepare you for your career. You’re not alone!”

Besides his work in the classroom, Li is a member of the board of directors of uh Manoa’s Beta Alpha Psi, the premier international honor society for accounting students. After earning her Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting, Li hopes to pursue her Masters in Accounting at Shidler. Its objective is to pass the PCA exam.

“I am honored and grateful to be the recipient of the 2022 award PCAOB scholarship,” Li said. “By receiving this scholarship, I will be able to focus on my studies without worrying too much about paying tuition and fees.”

Li was nominated for the scholarship by a committee of uh Manoa’s accounting school.

“The School of Accountancy Scholarship Committee was delighted to select Haiying. Her dedication and perseverance to succeed are indeed commendable and the committee felt that she was an excellent candidate for this prestigious scholarship. We are proud that Haiying is the fifth Shidler student to receive this distinction,” said the professor and director of the accounting school. Hamid Pourjalali said.

-By Marc Arakaki

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