The Best and the Brightest Honored at the PEF Scholarship Program

John and Andrea Barella Professional Scholarship: Minimum GPA: 2.0 and will be pursuing a graduate degree in an industrial arts or professional business program: Haiden Bray CGHS $600, Joseph Quezada PHS $600

John and Elrose Lounibos Memorial Scholarship: Minimum GPA: 3.0, SVHS Student who demonstrated extraordinary community service in high school: Emily Sande SVHS $600

John Orfali Memorial Scholarship: Minimum GPA of 3.0 who has demonstrated proficiency and participated in performing arts, music, theater in the community or school: Robert Almond CGHS $500, Eric Arenas Vasquez PHS $500

John Ramatici Memorial Scholarship sponsored by the Rotary Club of Petaluma: Minimum GPA: 2.5 and must have interacted, participated in school and community service: Karlie Berncich PHS $800, Margaret Rawson PHS $800

Petaluma Kiwanis Club Community Service Scholarship: Will attend 4-year college and is able to demonstrate a commitment to community service in high school: Mia Griggs-Yew CGHS $1,000

Knights of Columbus Council Scholarship #9090: Minimum GPA: 2.5 for SVHS student in underclass and participated in community service, financial need considered: Frislo De Leon SVHS $350, Johnny Ybarra SVHS $350

Lanker-McHugh Fellowship: Minimum GPA 2.5 for a PHS student who is or has been active in FFA, will be pursuing a degree in agriculture or business: Kassidy Bianchi PHS $250

Larry Johnson Memorial Scholarship: Minimum GPA: 3.0 and participated in high school sports and will attend trade/vocational school, trade school, or community college: Kylie Carlomago CGHS $400

Take-off purse: Minimum GPA 2.0, PHS student who has a learning disability and had an IEP in high school: Katie Honey PHS $500

Lynda R. Smith Memorial Scholarship: Minimum GPA: 2.5 for a PHS student who has been involved in the performing arts during their high school years: Jeremy Martin PHS $600, Kody Okamura PHS $600

MacIlvain Academic Honor Roll Scholarship: Minimum GPA: 3.5 for a PHS student and has completed 4 college prep courses over the 7 semesters and will be attending 4-year college: Keira Alden PHS $1,000, Sasha Andrews PHS $750, Shalynn Baker PHS $1,000, Hailey Barry PHS $800, Julia Barufkin PHS $750, Avery Blankenship PHS $750, Winters Canale PHS $1,000, Olivia Champoux-Hutchins PHS $750, Rylee Cheney PHS $1,000, Alana Demers PHS $750, Ingrid Dierkhising PHS $750, Megan Efhan PHS $1,000, Isabelle Eshoo PHS $800, Marina Ferl PHS $1,000, Sabrina Fiorica PHS $750, Ryan Giacomini PHS $750, Isabel Gonzalez PHS $1,000, Amelia Grevin PHS $750 , Bianca Guidici PHS $750, Mia Harris PHS $750, Colin Landry PHS $750, Kimberly Larsen PHS $1,000, Grace Martinez PHS $800, George Marzo PHS $1,000, Jacqueline Mattox PHS $750, Julian McAllister PHS $750 , Bruno McDarrah PHS $750, Drake Newell PHS $800, Sophia Paul PHS $1,000, Amelia Rhymes PHS $750, Josephine Rocco PHS $1,000, Katrina Rodrigues PHS $750, Devin Ruy PHS $500, Zachary Scholnick PHS $1000, Ava Sc ott PHS $1000, Karen Severson PHS $800, Jessica Spano PHS $500, Whitney Thomas PHS $1000, Katrina Tisell PHS $750, Peter Vitali PHS 750 $, Ben Wilson PHS $800, Leah Woodyatt PHS $750, Danielle Yi, PHS $800

MacIlvain Family Scholarship: Minimum GPA: 3.0 for PHS student who will be attending trade/vocational school, 2 or 4 year college: Emma Anderson PHS $750, Jackie Avalos PHS $750, Hayden Baswell PHS $1000, Zeeshan Deura PHS 750 $, Chase Eckhart PHS $1,000, Roberto Enciso Jimenez PHS $500, Juan Garcia PHS $750, Ayline Garcia Juarez PHS $750, Lupita Geary Tinoco PHS $1,000, Erika Gomez PHS $750, Delia Gosser PHS $1,000, Zoey Haines PHS $750, Jenna Hinke PHS $500, Katie Honey PHS $1,000, Carla Maldonado PHS $750, Giselle Marquez PHS $1,000, Jeremy Martin PHS $500, Makenzi Mellor PHS $750, Jade Navarro PHS $750 , Mallory O’Keefe PHS $750, Myles O’Keefe PHS $750, Alyssa Pacheco PHS $500, Lauren Popielak PHS $750, Emily Rylance PHS $500, Daniel Sharp PHS $1,000, Max Solimene PHS $500, Cynthia Solis PHS $750, Ryan Vollmer PHS $500, Abby Wetmore PHS $1,000, Lauren Wolff PHS $1,000, Kyle Yant PHS $1,000, Austin Zaman PHS $1,000

Max Cerini Memorial Scholarship: Minimum GPA: 2.5 and will be pursuing a graduate degree in the construction or building industry: Tanner Calkin CGHS $1,200, Shelby Gustafson PHS $1,200, Kyle Machado PHS $1,200

Maxwell and Doris Decker RN Scholarship: Minimum GPA: 3.5 and will be pursuing a graduate degree in nursing: Brooklyn Labo CGHS $600. Darah Pectol PHS $600

McKegney Family Scholarship: Minimum GPA: 3.0 and has contributed to PHS, been attentive to his studies, participated in sports and will pursue higher education in the school of his choice: Amelia Grevin PHS $1,000, Mackenzie Soper PHS $1,000

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