The Scholarship Plug Corner: Redundancy

By Dr. Lesley Scharf | Coin of the scholarship jack

Some call it “down”. Strong writers and readers know this is “redundancy,” defined as the unnecessary repetition of words. Avoiding redundancy can improve writing skills. Consider the phrase “move forward.” Can an army retreat? An army can advance or advance, but “advance” is repetitive. “Good job. Well done. I see you did it.

Go straight to the point.

Well done. I wince as I write, “The reason I believe I deserve and should receive the scholarship is because I am determined to make a difference one day as a teacher.” It’s too much. What is the important message? “I am determined to make a difference as a teacher.” Let the reader conclude that you deserve this scholarship. We see that you believe, and you have a reason. Writing without redundancy makes communication effective. Otherwise, we risk boring, confusing, distracting and losing our target audience.

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