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The UK game trade body TIGA has awarded 17 university game development courses across the UK with its own TIGA University Accreditation.

The accreditation indicates that a course has strong ties to the gaming industry and that a large number of its graduates obtain jobs in the industry. Up to 67% of graduates of some courses get a job in games after graduating from a TIGA accredited course.

Universities offering approved courses span the UK, from the University of Sheffield Hallam to City University of London. The University of Staffordshire offers seven TIGA accredited courses, the highest of any university.

You have your back

“The UK needs its studios to be supported by quality university graduates who know the current needs of the gaming industry. To achieve this, collaboration between industry and educators is essential,” said the CEO of TIGA. Richard wilson.

“The TIGA University Accreditation System was introduced to recognize top undergraduate and postgraduate university courses, allowing potential students and game developers to identify courses that produce industry-ready graduates, while by strengthening the link between industry and educators. “

In May 2017, TIGA launched its own funding guide for UK-based developers to help them better understand what funding is available to them. This includes investors, crowdfunding, and project finance programs.


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