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Purdue’s board of directors announced on June 10 that it unanimously elected Mung Chiang, currently John A. Edwardson dean of engineering and executive vice president for strategic initiatives, as the company’s next chairman. university. Chiang will replace current President Mitch Daniels effective January 1, 2023.

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Meet three graduates who recognized that the flexibility of Purdue University Global’s online associate, bachelor’s, graduate, and law programs—a total of 175 programs in total—could enable them to consistently pursue their educational goals.

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Purdue’s College of Engineering is launching the Institute of Hard AI, establishing Purdue as a national leader in artificial intelligence at the interface of the virtual and physical worlds.

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Young Kim and Jungwoo Leem, from Purdue’s Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering, are part of a global research team that has developed an edible QR code on a specialized silk label that could help consumers detect fake whiskey – a step that could be a solution not only for the alcohol industry, but also for fake drugs.

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The William D. Young Institute for Advanced Pharmaceutical Manufacturing at Purdue, launched with a gift from William D. Young, will bring together faculty in redesigning pharmaceutical manufacturing with the goal of reducing costs and expanding the access to innovative drugs resulting from biotechnology research.

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