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Taylor University maintains accreditation and memberships in order to achieve the highest level of excellence and inter-collegiate community.

University accreditations

State authorization

Taylor University is named by name of the State of Indiana as an Approved Institution of Higher Education in the State of Indiana. In full compliance with Federal rules, please consider contacting the Indiana Commission for Higher Education for the Indiana Higher Education Complaint Resolution Process.

Taylor University participates in National Council for State Authorization Reciprocal Agreements (NC-SARA) as an Indiana NC-SARA approved institution.

Complaint process for accreditation bodies and state departments of higher education

The US Department of Education amended the Higher Education Act (HEA) authorizing the “Program Integrity Rule”. This amendment provides, among other things, regulations associated with the federal student financial assistance program that require colleges or universities authorized to offer post-secondary education in one or more states to guarantee access to a complaints process. 34 CFR 668.43 (b) which will allow student consumers to address the following points:

  1. Alleged violations of state consumer protection laws which include, but are not limited to, fraud and false advertising;
  2. Alleged violations of laws or state rules relating to the licensing of post-secondary institutions; and
  3. Complaints about the quality of teaching or other state or university accreditation requirements.

“The institution must make available to any enrolled or potential student upon request, a copy of the documents describing the institution’s accreditation and its state, federal or tribal approval or license.” The institution should also provide its students or prospective students with contact details to file complaints with its accreditation body and state approval or licensing body and any other relevant official or public body that would deal with appropriately a student’s complaint.

Taylor University, incorporated in the State of Indiana, is specifically authorized to provide post-secondary education. Incorporation and certification documents can be viewed at the provost’s office, 765-998-5200.

In accordance with federal regulations, online students can click here for state-by-state contact information regarding grievance procedures.

Click on the links below for instructions on how to file a complaint with a specific accreditation body.


Council of Christian Colleges and Universities

Taylor University is also a member of the Council for Christian colleges and universities, a Washington DC-based organization Founded in 1976 with 38 members, the Council has grown to over 100 members in North America and over 60 affiliated institutions in North America and around the world. The main goal of CCCU is to help its member institutions pursue excellence through the effective integration of Bible faith, scholarship and service.

The Council sponsors semester programs for the qualified upper grades of its member schools. Click here to view a variety of study abroad partner programs.

Christian College Consortium

Logo of the Christian College Consortium. To provide a variety of professional and academic experiences for faculty and students, Taylor remains a member of the Christian College Consortium which unites thirteen Christian liberal arts colleges with programs similar to Taylor’s.

The opportunities for one-semester visits to the campuses of other Consortium members and off-campus / international co-op programs are of particular interest to Taylor students. For professors, there are professional development programs and faculty grant opportunities.

All university accreditation documents are kept by the provost’s office and can be viewed on request at 765-998-5200.

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