Unsure of the situation in their country, Afghan students join new courses at Lucknow University | Lucknow News

LUCKNOW: Eight Afghan students, who recently completed their postgraduate courses at Lucknow University, will continue to pursue graduate studies at the university rather than returning to their country as they fear the new Taliban-led government does not give them the freedom to pursue their careers.
Moreover, since the parents of most of the Afghan students were associated with the previous government, they fear reprisals from the current regime.
To avoid any conflict with the hard-line conservative regime, the students enrolled in doctoral courses soon after completing the ones they had come to India for.
The Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) has approved their scholarships.
“Eight students enrolled at the PG level will now pursue doctoral studies for which they will be awarded a scholarship for the next five years, accommodation costs and board course fees,” said the director of international collaboration, international adviser students, Professor RP. Singh.
In addition, the students plan to call their family members here until the situation improves at home.
“I am from Kabul and visited my home four months ago when our country was at peace. I have completed my master’s (economics) of LU but cannot go back for security reasons now. I’m happy that I got the scholarship to pursue PhD studies at LU, ”said Shekib Lodin, PhD student (economics).
He said all Afghan students have had to change their career plans due to the chaotic situation in their country.
“I want to become a lecturer and I would love to teach at any university in India and if things calm down at home I can work there as well. But for now, I will focus on my research and plan to call my family here once international flights from Afghanistan are revived and visa issues are sorted out, ”he said. -he adds.
Another student, Ahmad Iqbal Ghafoori, who did his Masters (Renewable Energy) at LU and is now a PhD, also shared similar thoughts.
“I want to make a career in renewable energy and now I might end up starting my own business related to the field, but I don’t know where or when,” Ahmad Iqbal Ghafoori said.
He said he had not visited his home for over a year and now I will be here to continue research for the next several years.
“I want my family to come down and stay with me here until our country is at peace,” he said.

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