Urban Scholarships Two graduate students in the class of 2022 from the Mahanoy region

Anthony James Urban Esquire and Brian Joseph Urban Esquire of the Law Offices of Anthony Urban PC (pictured center, right to left) on behalf of Urban Memorial Scholarship Fund Trustee awarded Daniel J. Reed (right) and Nicole Yost (left) both graduates of the Mahanoy Area School District, monetary awards to use for their higher education efforts.

Also pictured is Jennifer Zilker, M.Ed., Mahanoy Area Jr./Sr. Secondary school counselor (extreme right).

The Urban Memorial Scholarship Fund awards money to students who have graduated from the Mahanoy area school over the past few decades.

Applicants submit their academic/financial abstracts as well as their own essays explaining why they think they could benefit from the scholarship.

These two deserving students were chosen from a group of seven excellent graduate students who completed the paperwork for the chance to receive the scholarship.

Daniel was ranked 3 out of 54 and Nicole maintained a class rank of 4th in her class; both intend to pursue a bachelor’s degree from Penn State University. Attorney Anthony Urban congratulated each recipient and presented them with a check from the scholarship fund.

Attorney Brian Urban wished each of them the best of luck in achieving their educational goals and all Mahanoy Area graduates the best for their future.

Anthony Urban’s law firms have offices in Mahanoy City and Pottsville. Anthony Joseph Urban, Esquire (not pictured) a native of Spruce Street, Mahanoy City, and a Mahanoy Area graduate, began practicing law in 1962. Mahanoy Area graduation is scheduled for Friday, May 27, 2022. Photo taken on 5/25/2022.

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