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MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (AP) – Researchers at the University of West Virginia are studying how to prevent invasive carp from spreading.

Brent Murry and Caroline Arantes of Davis College of Agriculture Natural Resources and Design will examine the Ohio and Tennessee-Cumberland river basins. They received a grant of $ 151,394 over three years from the US Geological Survey.

The species has caused ecological and economic problems in the upper Mississippi River basin, but the eastern part of the Mississippi watershed is uninhabited by invasive carp, the university said.

“When the carp first invaded, they quickly moved up and down the Mississippi and several of its tributaries,” Murry said. “At the same time, they moved to lower Ohio and stalled. They really didn’t overtake Cincinnati and the Markland Dam in real and significant numbers.

Researchers hope to find out what prevented a spread.

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“We want to keep doing what works to keep them from progressing, but we don’t know what it is right now,” said Murry.

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