Win a $10,000 scholarship by voting for your college in this March Madness-style contest

Are you a sports-loving student who could benefit from a scholarship? This is the contest for you!

March madness is in full swing, and, which is committed to helping solve the student debt crisis, hosts its annual College Showdown, in which it pits the most popular universities against each other in a parenthesis-style competition similar to that of the beloved tradition of the college basketball. The most popular schools will be determined by votes on Instagram, then there will be a head-to-head vote to find out the winner.

The 2022 College Showdown now runs through April 4, the same day as the NCAA March Madness Championship game.

If your school wins, so do you! A student from the winning school will win an exclusive $10,000 scholarship funded by

Here’s how it works:

  • All voting takes place on the site’s Instagram page, so make sure your notifications are turned on.
  • To enter, comment on your current college, future college, favorite college, or alma mater on this Instagram announcement post. Any mentioned college will earn a starting position in the bracket. If places are sold out, the colleges with the most comment will be the starters.
  • Share the post to your Instagram stories
  • Tag three or more friends in your shared story

The selection process closes Tuesday, March 15, and tranche results will be released Wednesday, March 16.

Once the installment is chosen, the vote will be taken on the Instagram story on the days corresponding to the actual March Madness rounds.

In addition to the exclusive $10,000 scholarship, each student from the winning school on the platform will receive 250 Bold Points, which help student profiles stand out and can be used to apply for certain scholarships.

They call it March Madness for a reason! Don’t let your school fall through the cracks. Here are the dates to remember:

  • March 14 – 16: The initial vote will take place
  • March 16: The group of 64 teams will be finalized
  • March 17 – 18: 1st round of head-to-head voting
  • March 19 – 20: 2nd round of head-to-head voting
  • March 24 – 25: Soft 16
  • March 26 – 27: Elite 8
  • April 2: Final square
  • April 4: Vote for the championship round!
  • April 5: The winning school will be announced
  • April 22: 250 Bold Points awarded to students from the winning school
  • April 25: A championship purse will be created
  • 5 August : Championship Scholarship Application Deadline
  • August 26: Chosen Championship Scholarship Winner

Click here for more information on the College Showdown 2022, and vote for your school here!

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